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2008 beetle

  1. 2008 VW Beetle - Aftermarket Radio

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    I decided to replace the moonson radio for an aftermarket one. I went with the Pioneer SPH-10BT. I have a video if anyone is interested.
  2. 08 Beetle Purge Valve

    New Beetle Convertible
    Hey all. Having a few issues with the bug and from what I'm being told its my purge valve. Ive also been told its pretty easy to put a new one in yourself while I'm not real car smart I'm pretty good at watching something or someone do something and be able to do it myself. Now has anyone...
  3. For Sale: 2008 Triple White Beetle

    Vehicle Classifieds
    Very Clean and low mileage(Under 33,000) 2008 Volkswagen Triple White Beetle. Has been regularly serviced and drives like new! Features a white roof edge mounted rear spoiler. 17" 'Kakuna' alloy wheels, 'W3' logo on front side panels. White V-Tex leatherette seats, a white center arm rest, and...
  4. 08 Beetle 2.5 Gasser Replacement

    Engine Swaps
    Hi all, I am a new Beetle owner and new to the forums as well. I am new to the new VW's but I am a car guy and have been for years. I just managed to come across a 2008 Beetle 2.5L with a blown motor and got the car for really cheap and I am now looking to do the motor replacement. (I realize...
  5. 2008 Beetle Hatch Ajar Issue

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Let me start with this morning. My wife informs me that her beetle alarm keeps going off, and the neighbor is yelling to shut it off so after about 4 times, she shuts it off until I wake up. I tell her she probably left a door ajar or something silly, and that since we were going to drive it...