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  1. 2012 Beetle - Remote won't unlock driver's side door

    Questions, Issues or Problems with 2012+ Beetle
    So I got my Bug last October and it's been working perfectly until last month. Since last month for some reason when I try to unlock the car, it won't unlock the driver's side door. It'll unlock the passenger side (if I try it a few times) and the trunk (not even by pressing the trunk unlock...
  2. New 2012 Beetle flower vase?

    New Member Forum
    Hi everyone! Just purchased a beautiful!!!!! 2012 Beetle. Needless to say, I am in love. But, I still want a flower vase, that sadly, is not on the newest model. Is there a kit, or a suction cup type vase available?
  3. My derpy little Potato; blue 2.5L

    Photos: 2012+ Beetle
    I regretfully sold my orange 2005 gls because she was giving me more troubles than I could afford. :( However in return I got to bring my Papita, or little Potato home. I originally wanted a brown 2012, but the blue won me over. She's derpy, because almost everything in her was broken when I...
  4. Need ASPHERICAL side mirrors for 2012 Beetle

    12+ Parts and Accessories
    I really miss having those ASPHERICAL side mirrors on my New Bug, and the blind spots are really annoying. Does anyone know where to get them for the 2012 bugs? Thanks
  5. 2012 cabin filter location?

    Questions, Issues or Problems with 2012+ Beetle
    :)Can someone please tell me where the cabin filter is located in the 2012 beetle 2.5L gas? Thanks!
  6. HID headlamps available for 2012 Beetle?

    Technical Modifications
    Greetings all. My father just got a new 2012 Beetle. He didn't check with me before buying one straight off the lot, so I wasn't able to advise on options. His night vision isn't great and it's really important to me that he has HID headlamps for their greater contrast and throw (I went to a...
  7. Bay Area Meet

    USA: West
    Anyone down for a Beetle meet in the SF Bay Area? A cruise along the coast, then San Francisco and down Lombard Street together, across the Golden Gate Bridge and lunch/dinner in Sausalito? :)
  8. Wheel Adapters Questions/Suggestions

    Styling Modifications
    Well, my wife and I had to visit a dealership this last weekend to pick up new interior door panels for her 2001 Beetle. While we were there we saw one of the 2012 models with the retro style wheels (black with the chrome center and VW logo). She immediately fell in love with these and wanted...
  9. 2012 Beetle Arrives!!!

    Photos: New Beetles
    Here are a few pics of the new 2012 Beetle being unloaded this afternoon at SanTan Vw in Gilbert, AZ. :)