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2014 tdi

  1. For Sale Black BOOT, totally unused! (2013-2017)

    12+ Parts and Accessories
    Hello Forum! I recently lost my beloved 2014 when a tall, mean Kia (driven by a hamster?) took her out at an intersection :-/ I have a totally unused, clean and pristine black boot that she never wore. It's been stored safely in my home for a sunny day, and I never got around to dressing her...
  2. My new 2014 TDI Beetle!

    Photos: 2012+ Beetle
    My commute to work is going to get a bit further out and the commute would get pretty expensive so I started to look at plug in hybrids, wasn't happy with a hybrid. MPG drops off during the winter. Was thinking about getting an old diesel beater and driving my Wrangler in once per week. I...