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  1. For Sale or Part out 98 TDI 5 speed Beetle

    New Beetle Parts and Accessories
    Runs good and still driveable, was hit in the rear, needs rear clip or straightening. or will part, has clear title. email for pics or prices. sell whole car for 1500.00 or motor and trans for 1200. or best offer.
  2. 2013 new beetle lurching under acceleration

    About two weeks ago I purchased a 2013 New Beetle with I5 gas engine, 5-speed manual and about 24k miles one it. The vehicle seemed to be in great shape, no interior issues at all, paint job fully intact, etc. My wife and I took in a good 600 mile drive between Austin and North East Texas with...
  3. Taillights not working correctly. 01 1.8T 5pd

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Hello all! My beloved nb has developed its first issue. Im having problems with the taillights, the passenger side specifically. It works fine in normal daytime driving without parklights on. It lights up just like it should, just a litte dim. But when you turn the lights on, the park light...
  4. For Sale 2006 2.5 5-speed convertible 98K $4800 Nor Cal

    Vehicle Classifieds
    Speedy little bugger. Looks great, runs excellent. Recent CA smog. Well maintained. Couple minor flaws (crack in windshield, small dent pass. side running board) Never in an accident, never any problems. Great car. On Mendocino CL for $5000, will take $4800. Call Craig 707-450-5858
  5. 98 Manual Transmission swap questions!

    Technical Modifications
    Okay guys here it goes. I am going to be getting a 98 bug soon (2.0 gas auto), it has a rebuild automatic but I have not heard many good things about it and basically heard its expensive junk. And as we all know 5 speed is better and more fun. So I have read up on it online and the swap doesn't...
  6. HELP! 5spd balance weight teeth stripped! Won't pop out of reverse!

    Transmission Talk
    Hey everyone, I got a big problem at hand and any advice would help a lot. Recently, the plastic carrier (part #1J0-711-256) broke on my girlfriend's 99 NB 5 speed and so I got a new one from the dealer for $40 bucks! -_- It was easy enough replacing it but when I did the car would be stuck in...
  7. Blue 2001 1.8t

    Photos: New Beetles
    01 glx 1.8t ✖2001 GLX 1.8T: ✖ENG: ✔ 1.8L Turbo inline four ✔ 5 speed Manual Transmission ✖EXT: ✔ Batick Blue ✔ JDM Buddy Wing ✖INT: ✔ Black Leather ✖SUSP/WHL: ✔ 16" Key West rims ✖ELEC: ✔ Alpine cd9….. Head unit ✔ pioneer 12" subwoofer in sealed box ✖PREFORMANCE: ✖FUTURE...
  8. 2003 Cyber Green Color Cocept who wants it

    Vehicle Classifieds
    2003 Cyber Green Color Cocept $8,500 MY wife's sister just passed and we have to sell this beetle. Apparently this color concept with a 5 speed is a rare bug (only 2000 made and even fewer with the 5 speed according to Shannon). With only 44,382 miles, non-smoker,It hasn't been cleaned it up...
  9. 1.9 TDi w Binding 5 speed, time to learn, replace and bust some knuckles!

    Transmission Talk
    :cool:Three weeks ago at a Jeep dealership 90 miles from home, I test drove a 2011 Jeep Rubicon. My wife and I tried to leave to sleep on our decision, but the Bug would not cooperate. Here's some background. 3 months ago the clutch was replaced. The work was done out of town due to the...