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6 speed manual

  1. For Sale 2002 New Beetle Turbo S - 3000 obo

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    2002 new beetle turbo s New catalytic converter and magna flow catback less than 2000 miles ago. New battery, battery fuse box, alternator and alternator wiring. In very good condition. 0w40 full synthetic every 3000 miles Obo Will post pictures if anyone is interested
  2. Please help!!

    New Member Forum
    We just recently bought a 2002 Beetle Turbo S 6 speed. Its for my daughter. 147,000 miles but the body is in great shape, paint is fantastic, and interior looks good too. Motor runs really good. No knocks, no obvious tapping. Sounds really quiet. AC will run you out of the car. First day...
  3. 2013 6 spd Manual, slight grind 1st to 2nd

    Transmission Talk
    Our R-Line Beetle with a six-speed manual has only 2700 miles on it, and there's often a slight grind shifting 1st to 2nd. A previous Beetle ('70) that I drove for 25 years often got that way as the transmissions wore, but this Beetle is really new! I know it's well under warranty and hasn't...