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  1. Rear oval window/split covers for VWNB 2002

    Styling Modifications
    Hi all, I have seen some really interesting modifications to the member's NBs and love the retro take on some of them! The most interesting but elusive item i've seen is the rear window mods where there are oval or splitter covers for the NB (I AM LOOKING FOR ONE SO BAD IN TECHNO BLUE) but to...
  2. RSi style chrome interior parts for sale

    Marketplace Archives
    Greetings! Sold my Beetle recently and so I have some RSi-style interior parts to sell that I've had for a couple years. Thought I'd offer them to the community here before trying eBay. Parts available as a lot, or seperately. See below for individual item pricing (shipping not included)...
  3. Blue and White Emblems

    Marketplace Archives
    I found a place online that sells the emblems but the rear emblem is a full $25 more than the front. I have a 2002 without the flip-away emblem hiding the key lock back there. Is there any way I could order two front emblems and put one of them in the back? Is there any size difference?
  4. need help finding a website

    Styling Modifications
    i remember seeing a website with a lot of accessories for the new beetle. I remember it was in Japanese and the background was orange. does anyone know the site?