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  1. Good maintenance for used 2005 New Beetle with ~70k miles?

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Hi all, I recently bought my first car, a lemon-yellow 2005 New Beetle (not convertible) with around 70k miles on it. From the research I've done, it sounds like getting the water pump and timing belt replaced, and the transmission serviced, would all be good things to get done ASAP. Is there...
  2. New Owner/ Fixing up 2002

    New Member Forum
    Hi- I am excited to find this site! I am a female, and new owner of a 2002 VW Bug! I have wanted one for as long as I can remember. Recently an opportunity came up for me to purchase one however it was sight unseen from a dealer out of state. All the pics I saw of it looked good and Carfax was...
  3. 2002 bug throwing codes... What should I do?

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    I just bought an 02 bug, and am having some issues.. The check engine light is on, the acceleration seems slow, and the idle is high. I plugged in an OBDii scanner and it threw 3 codes: P0722 - Output speed sensor circuit no sign P0730 - Incorrect gear ratio P0715 - Input turbine speed sensor...
  4. New member, just bought 2nd beetle, need advice!

    New Member Forum
    Hi there! I'm a new member but have been using this site for a while now to try and learn as much as possible about my favorite car! Like all of you I am a beetle fanatic! My first car was a red 1999 bug when I was 17 (3 years ago). Bought it at 122k and with the help of my mechanic father it...
  5. 2000 V'dub Beetle

    New Member Forum
    Hi... I have a 2000 Beetle, have owned it since 2002. It has 225,000 km. Mostly highway miles. I have maintained this car very well, regular oil changes (synthetic oil), timing belt at 100,000 & 200,000, cv joint replaced, among other small things like brake lines etc. There is clunking sound at...
  6. Tips and Tricks for Searching the Classifieds

    New Member Forum
    Hi, Are there any of the more experienced forum users here that can offer any tips or tricks on how to search the classifieds forum. Like how to narrow a search down by price, location, colors, etc. Thank you!