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  1. New Member Forum
    Hi there, I am looking for this part 6Q0909605E airbag controller - or, if there is an alternative part number we could use that is more available, that would be good too. Anyone know where I could perhaps find such an animal. Thank you,
  2. Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Hi All! 2006 model year The passenger airbag warning light stays on (with no person sitting in the passenger seat) and sounds a beeping alert every 2 minutes. Any suggestions on what the issue is and how to repair would be much appreciated!
  3. 2.5 Liter Gas
    Hello! We've just bought a 2006 beetle!:clap: It has 100K on it, and would like to get some advise on parts. Here are the questions: 1.) Front/Rear brakes. Worth the extra for drilled slotted rotors? If yes what is brand? (I dont want the cheapest set-up, but dont want 2500 Brembo kit. 2.)...
  4. Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Airbag Warning Light (Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) Warning Light) stays on after replacing hazard warning switch. New Beetle Luna 1.4, 75 PS - Registered Sep 2009. RHD After showing intermittent operation over many years I eventually got round to replacing the hazard warning switch /...
1-4 of 4 Results