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  1. 2.0T Turbo
    Hi, I looking for the physical differences between these 2 engines. R-Line = 210hp 2018/19 = 174hp Are they the same engine, just that one is detuned? Will APR boost both engine to the same hp/torque? Thanks, York
  2. New Member Forum
    LAST THREAD UPDATE: 9/18/2012 2012 VW Beetle 2.0L Turbo PURCHASED: 6/21/2012 15% Window Tint w/ Visor VW Kafer Message Plates Stock Engine MODIFICATIONS: 7/27/2012 APR Stage I Carbonio Cold Air Intake APR Stage II Carbonio Intake Piping APR Stage I Programming...
  3. Technical Modifications
    Hi, I have a 2002 Turbo S and was wondering if it might be time to change my N75 valve. Currently I run APR stage 1 and I have ordered the APR 2.5" Turboback exhaust and the APR Turbo Inlet Pipe, I have a stratmospher DV but I havent replaced the N75 valve. Is it time to change it? And which...
  4. New Member Forum
    Hi Im new to this forum and i was searching around but i couldnt find any posts about how to get 500-600 hp from my beetle i was wondering what are all the parts i would need in great detail please and how much i need to spend i have about $6,000 so i was wondering is it less or more. Any help...
1-4 of 6 Results