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  1. WTB- Arm rest part

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    If anyone has Part #15 for sale in grey, let me know!:) Thanks!
  2. Quick armrest question from a newb

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    I just purchased an 06 NB convertible and the armrest is busted. The dealer flat-out refused to fix it and was willing to lose the sale over it. I haven't taken delivery yet, but I've already started looking for a replacement. After spending the last 2 hours or so searching, mostly on this...
  3. WTB/I need help with my 2002 TDI Bug:)

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    So i got some work i need to do and i need help with what i need and how to do it!:confused::D This is her... I want to get some vinyl stripes but i'm still getting prices. I will also put up more pictures because i need major arm rest help. Thanks everyone!
  4. Center Console HELP - 2001 Beetle

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    Okay, I absolutely hate the center console in the 2001 New Beetle. The cup holders constantly fall out (with drinks) and the arm rest is falling apart before my very eyes. I think I need to do a complete replacement of the entire deal, but somehow would like to upgrade. Does anybody have any...
  5. Wanted- Arm rest and door locks

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    Looking for arm rest for 2003 model and door locks. Arm rest black interior with grey trimming Anyone???????? :(:(:(:confused::confused: