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automatic thransmission

  1. 2006 Automatic 09G Code 258 stuck in third gear

    Transmission Talk
    We just bought a beetle 2.5L convertible with a few problems (including a transmission problem) looking to fix it up. It's got an 09G automatic triptronic 6 speed transmission. It had a code 258 for the p88 solenoid so we gave it a go replacing that. It still has the same code and hasn't changed...
  2. Brakes HELP

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    Does any one know if the engine is tied up with the breaking system ? I already changed everything I could think of calipers booster master cylinder and it still looses pressure I've bleed all the lines and master cylinder like 100 times and still nothing the ONLY thing left I can think of is...
  3. 2004 GLS Automatic Transmission Problem

    Transmission Talk
    Hi Everyone, I don't log on often but here I am. I have a 2004 Beetle, GLS, automatic transmission with 91,000 miles. Last year I had the timing belt changed when they were fixing the thermostat. Now I have transmission problems - the 'check engine light' came on and would not go off. Took...
  4. 99 2.0L Auto - Will not go into gear

    Transmission Talk
    My daughter just bought her first car! I am trying to teach her how to take care of it. We changed the oil and filter and put in new license plate lights. Now the car will not go into gear. I checked the adjustment on the shifter cable (will a little help from my friends in the Haynes...