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  1. Transmission Talk
    I bought New beetle 2000 , 2.0 automatic transmission. it has problem with transmission.. it's in 3rd gear ( I think ) .. speedometer works well, tachometer not and oil check ( I changed oil but still check) . I changed G68 sensor also and diagnostic says "no communication from TCM" .. what I...
  2. Transmission Talk
    I have a 2000 VW Beetle, automatic with 113,000 miles. The check engine light is on and the trouble codes read P0730 and P0740. When the check engine light is on, the car will go into reverse, but while driving it will not shift out of 1st gear. The check engine light will go off randomly, and...
  3. Transmission Talk
    I want to cry. :( I bought my dream car 3 months ago, I love it so much but it's been more like a nightmare than a dream since I got it. It's a 2005 2.0 automatic tiptronic 6 speed, I got it with 89k miles on it. Got it checked out by a mechanic and he said it was in good condition, just had...
1-3 of 3 Results