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  1. How can I get this cord???

    Car Audio I own a 2002 NB GLS with a Monsoon CD head unit I bought to replace the Monsoon cassette head unit after it ate up one of my prized Motorhead tapes, and it happens to have an Aux mode along with the CD changer. I was...
  2. Adding AUX port to stock 99 cassette radio

    Car Audio
    Hey everyone, My wife just bought a used 99 Beetle, and it has the stock radio with tape player and cd changer in the trunk. Her previous car had an aux port in it so she could play all her music from her mp3 player through the radio. This one does not have the aux port obviously, so I looked...
  3. 99 Beetle: Aux input questions

    Car Audio
    Hello, There is a thread about a similar topic, but a solid conclusion was never really arrived at, and my question is slightly different. I have a stock 99 beetle stereo in my car, with a 6 CD changer. I have been looking to add a AUX input (I know I will lose the use of my CD changer), but...