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  1. 1999 2.0l Beetle Fans Not Workin

    2.0 Liter Gas
    Hello Everyone, I've been working on a 1999 VW Beetle 2.0l for the last 2 weeks replacing a lot of parts that another shop broke and damage. However, the fans wont turn on. Even with the AC on. I replaced the fans, all the sensors, module, and even the fuse on top of the battery. I checked...
  2. Beetle dashboard lights

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    I recently got my first car and it’s a beetle. The airbag light (orange) has been on for a while and now the check engine light (orange) has come on with some sort of lighting bolt going through it. The engine light did go on ond off when it felt like it but for the last two weeks it’s stayed...
  3. Need Parts for Damaged Front Driver Side

    Paint and Body
    I was in a minor collision that took out the driver side front. Most of the damage is cosmetic, so I am doing the repair. Any suggestions for a good site to find parts diagrams? eBay is the only place I could easily find parts. ECS tuning has parts but is expensive. Without a parts diagram I...
  4. 2014 1.8L turbo mods

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    I have a 2014 turbo 1.8L beetle and I am looking to do some upgrades on it but I can not seam to find places that sell parts for the beetle. I want to upgrade the exhaust and the air intake any Ideas?
  5. Air Intake Mod on 98 Beetle. How do I circumvent air box removal with cone filter?

    2.0 Liter Gas
    Hello everyone. This is my very first post. I am a little lost. A few weeks ago I purchased my first car, a 1998 Manual non TDI 2.0 L new beetle. It is in great shape body wise and has only 85k miles. I love it a lot and have gone through replacing a lot of things. I bought all new brakes...
  6. head gasket or water pump??

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    HELP!! today while driving my bug, I noticed I had absolutely no heat after about 30 mins of driving. the air that WAS blowing through the vents smelled sweet like syrup. I also think i saw smoke or steam coming from under my hood so i quickly shut the heat off. The smell stopped and so did the...
  7. 2001 beetle, any easy method to install window ?

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Hi all, I had a mentally ill friend play with the up/down switch on my passenger window. I pulled the window on out because after his fun the car looked like a shark with a dorsal fin. Try as I might I cannot get the window to go in without feeling like I'm close to shattering it. I've read...
  8. 2003 Beetle won't start

    1.9 Liter TDI
    So I have a 2003 Beetle with a 1.9L diesel. Drove it to work fine (40 miles). There were no signs of trouble. Went to start it at the end of the day and it won't turn over. Dash lights up when I turn the key to the on position and the coil indicator light functions normally. When I turn to...
  9. 2003 Beetle won't start

    New Member Forum
    So I have a 2003 Beetle with a 1.9L diesel. Drove it to work fine (40 miles). There were no signs of trouble. Went to start it at the end of the day and it won't turn over. Dash lights up when I turn the key to the on position and the coil indicator light functions normally. When I turn to...
  10. Hello, new to forum, but not VW's with an 01' Beetle GLX

    New Member Forum
    Howdy folks! I just wanted to stop in and say hello. I am new to this forum, but not VW's, although this will be my first watercooled. Last spring I sold my 65' Beetle, much to my son's dismay. Since he will be soon driving, I have been on the lookout for a "newish-oldish" Bug as he has...
  11. convertible indicator light remains lit and solid...not blinking

    New Beetle Convertible
    HELP! My 2006 VW beetle convertible top won't go down. Winter has just started to leave the good state of Georgia and I wanted to put my top back to have the wind blow through my natural curls, lol. No bueno. I pressed the button and nothing happened. No sounds from the top, no sound from the...
  12. Daughters Beetle, I'm the wrecnch turner

    New Member Forum
    We just bought our daughter an 07' 2.5L Beetle. Learned on the way home that it has a bad Alternator. Of course the fella selling it said it was fine. Replacing it will by my first task. She really loves it. I have found a lot of great info on the forum already. Thank you to all the...
  13. Post your "Pop up Beetle"

    The New Beetle Experience
    Post a POP UP BEETLE photo. Classic Beatles on my classic iPod. B
  14. AC problem and low coolant level as well.

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    If anybody can help me, I've recently been getting problems with my 2002 beetle that I purchased in june. It's been running great until recently i got the low coolant warning on my dashboard, so i filled it up to the suggested limit and went that lasted for a bit now my ac air is just warm...
  15. Leather seat cover part for 2014 model

    Questions, Issues or Problems with 2012+ Beetle
    Hi, I would like to know if 5C5881805C ICG can be used on my 2014 model. When I find on parts site I can see that this part is used only on 2012 model and after that 5C5881805R ICG or 5C5881805AC ICG is used (and between these 2 models this vary on differents site). On picture it seem to be same...
  16. Turbo S Upgrades?

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    Hello there, I am currently buying an 02 Turbo S, ko4, borla exhaust, cold air intake, stage 1+ unitronic tune. Car is making 215 atm, but I would like it to make more. I know I can do the Stage 2+ with just the Audi TT225 injectors and MAF housing, but I feel like that will limit me and I'll...
  17. For Sale VW Beetle Convertible "Luna" 2006 1.6

    Vehicle Classifieds
    VW Beetle Convertible Luna Edition 2006 104,000 miles 1.6 Petrol MOT until 30/8/2017 Partial Service history Beige/cream "harvest moon" paintwork in excellent condition Black motorised hood with heated glass rear window. Black cloth interior in immaculate, clean condition Upgraded VW "Houston"...
  18. Beetle 2.0 2000 auto Fuel Type

    2.0 Liter Gas
    Helllo Beetles! i have a question regarding the fuel type. My car is ftom Japan and the manual is in japanese. I cannot tell what is the fuel type that i can use that is recommended. I check in fuel cover but nothing. Thanks in advance.
  19. For Sale 1999 New Beetle AEG 5-SPEED

    Vehicle Classifieds
    car is my daily but looking to get into something bigger. has 212k on the ODO. car runs and drives. exhaust manifold has a crack but the flex pipe is recently replaced. magnaflow cat and resonator w/2.25in. pipe. has bbs rx2s with good tires. body is in sound shape except the front lower valence...
  20. T.O.D.9 2017 Tail Of The Dragon Promo & Planning thread

    Tail of the Dragon
    ==== PDF VERSION CLICK HERE>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<CLICK HERE .PDF VERSION ==== Welcome to: T.O.D.9 2017 Tail Of The Dragon Promo and Planning Thread All important info can be found in the first 10 posts PLEASE NOTE: Although this is an extremely long thread, the information listed...