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  1. Questions, Issues or Problems with 2012+ Beetle
    I am such a newb when it comes to bike racks, so I really have no idea which rack would fit my 2012 beetle or so. The site claims it will fit my 2012 beetle, but I am not so sure because most trunk racks are made for the generic sedan trunks, which aren't as big. The 2012 beetle trunk is...
  2. New Beetle Convertible
    hi, I know there are previous posts on this but many links don't work anymore so I'm going to ask again. I have a 2004 NB convertible turbo, what are the options for a bike rack that holds 2 bikes? I've seen the Bird Automotive model but isn't there a cheaper option? I don't have a hitch, would...
  3. Marketplace Archives
    I drive a 2002 New Beetle and the roof is currently naked. I'm looking for a complete base setup plus a bike and snowboard attachments. I'm traveling across country and would like to have both my road bike and snowboard ride up top together. Anyone trying to sell theirs?
  4. Marketplace Archives
    Thule 752 New Beetle Roof Rack, 2 years old, basically new condition, includes manual and key. Also Thule Criterium bike clamp that fits onto rack (note any Thule accessory can clamp onto the roof rack) available, also with manual. $275 and $150new for rack and bike clamp, asking $200 total...
1-4 of 4 Results