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  1. Interior DIY painting, need help with color :(

    Styling Modifications
    Dashboard DIY painting like "Techno Blue" color. Hello! I'm new in this forum :) I purchased my first NB (year 2000) some days ago, the interiors are awful, no, are terrible! But the machine was in pretty good condition so I bought it for a very good price (2,000 usd aprox) here in mexico...
  2. Blue temp light stays one 24/7

    2.0 Liter Gas
    Ok guys don't scream at me, just spend two days looking at forums etc. So I got a 2001 gls beetle for $700, the reason so cheap is it burns a little oil. (Read that's normal, and the blue temp light stays on 24/7). The car has 140k on it. Timing bet, water pump, etc has been done at a...
  3. Blue 2001 1.8t

    Photos: New Beetles
    01 glx 1.8t ✖2001 GLX 1.8T: ✖ENG: ✔ 1.8L Turbo inline four ✔ 5 speed Manual Transmission ✖EXT: ✔ Batick Blue ✔ JDM Buddy Wing ✖INT: ✔ Black Leather ✖SUSP/WHL: ✔ 16" Key West rims ✖ELEC: ✔ Alpine cd9….. Head unit ✔ pioneer 12" subwoofer in sealed box ✖PREFORMANCE: ✖FUTURE...
  4. 2001 Vortex Blue 1.8t NB

    Paint and Body
    Hey im a 19 year old from Ontario Canada, for years my mom talked about this one color of beetle only made one year, she saw it once when i was about 10 and i vividly remember her reaction to seeing it. For years after that she always talked about it, only car she ever talked about. Shes been...
  5. My derpy little Potato; blue 2.5L

    Photos: 2012+ Beetle
    I regretfully sold my orange 2005 gls because she was giving me more troubles than I could afford. :( However in return I got to bring my Papita, or little Potato home. I originally wanted a brown 2012, but the blue won me over. She's derpy, because almost everything in her was broken when I...
  6. Just adopted Frankie!

    New Member Forum
    He's a 2004 sky blue convertible. I'm very excited! :cool: Of course, I had to say goodbye to my beloved Auggie--2002 black w/a sunroof. :( He had 152,000 miles, and just reached the end of his days. I just found this forum, and I look forward to getting to know other NB enthusiasts. Marianne
  7. Thirsty buggy - WHERES ALL THE COOLANT?

    2.0 Liter Gas
    Hey guys When I start up my beetle, a blue coolant symbol appears. Then shortly after (about 15 mins of driving) a flashing red coolant sign comes on. Sometimes it just starts with the flashing red coolant symbol. I have refilled the coolant tank 3 times in 1 week. I have checked and do not...
  8. coolant light problem and question

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    It's Year 2002 2.0L gas New Beetle. The coolant light comes on solid blue after ignition, and does not go off since I got it from its last owner 1 year ago. I think it is normal. But I could be wrong. In the past year, everything is fine. Recently, after the ignition, the light came on flashing...