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  1. Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Hello. So I have a Beetle 2006 (Reg starts WU56) I would like to replace the radio ("Aftermarket stereo") so I can sync my Samsung phone to my car. So I don't have to be illegal using my phone for Sat Nav and phone calls and so I can listen to things other than FM radio. And so I can talk on...
  2. Car Audio
    Hi there, I've just bought a 2006 Luna that I'd like to install the CK3100 parrot into however I've been searching for days on the ISO (or SOT?) connection that I need to get for it but I'm not finding anything at all. Does anyone know if this exits? I seem to be able to find ones for beetles...
  3. Questions, Issues or Problems with 2012+ Beetle
    Hi. I'm planning to trade in my 2002 Beetle for a 2013. It's listed as having bluetooth, but the dealer says it doesn't -- I would have to install it. From everything I've read it sounded like bluetooth was standard in 2012 and beyond Beetles. Is this not the case? I'm concerned about the...
1-3 of 3 Results