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  1. 2009 New Beetle showing a lot of rust

    Paint and Body
    My brides beetle has got rust spots on just about every panel. Hood, door handles, sills, etc. I see it has a 12 year warranty on rust perforation, I bold that word as that is how it is in the book. So am I wasting my time going to the dealer to get this remedied? It seems to their benefit to...
  2. Stache Decal

    Styling Modifications
    I just ordered a mustache decal for my Jiminy to distinguish that it's a he. I couldn't be more excited that I finally found the perfect decal! Here's a stock photo from Etsy where I ordered...
  3. Pittsburgh Area Body Shops

    Paint and Body
    Hello all, Someone hit me this evening. There's not much damage, the driver's door took most of the hit. My question is could someone recommend a good body shop in the Pittsburgh area? I live in the city itself, in the east end. Thanks! Patrick
  4. 2000 1.8L compatability with 1999

    Technical Modifications
    So I have a 2000 1.8L NB. I was curious, before I go look at it, if a 1999 nb would be compatible as a parts vehicle for my bug. Specifically I am hoping that the front and rear clips will be interchangeable, Since my front body parts are bad a and I have a cracked rear fender... Also if this...