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  1. 1998-2005 Front End (Bra) Beetle Cover ZVW-193-022B

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    I have a Front End Cover (Bra) for a 2005 VW Beetle, can be used for 1998-2005 is straight from manufacturer, distributed by Volkswagen of America, Inc. Never been used or taken out of box. Comes complete with VW emblem stitched on front. Will be delivering from 33837 if you want...
  2. Turbo S "Carbon Fiber" Bra

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    I have a like new Carbon Fiber look bra for the Turbo S model of Beetle. This will not fit normal New Beetles. I will send you pics upon request. It's kinda tough to photograph without a Beetle to put it on (I sold mine a few years back). It's in great shape, only used 1 winter. I am...
  3. FS - Colgan NB front bra and mirror covers

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    Colgan bra set for early NB - mine is a 98 and the bra was bought not long after the car was purchased, rarely used. Complete with mirror covers, in excellent condition. Looks like its NLA from Colgan according to the web site, only thing I could find was a Turbo S. Colgan Custom Truck Bras...
  4. WANTED: Crawler Style Bra

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    Hello Everyone! I'm new to this forum since I just recently purchased myself an '02 NB tdi. I've done a lotta reading on here but this is my first posting. I'm looking for a crawler style bra that will fit my '02 NB. I know a lotta you guys don't like bras, but I think it would look nice on...
  5. Wanted - info about "Bugshield"/Hood stone guard

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    Hi, I searched thru the Marketplace forums (17 pages in Parts & Accessories and 4 pages in VW Related Items) and couldn't remember for sure but thought I saw one of these for sale here on the org a while back- search was for naught - can anyone tell me where I might find one of these types of...