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  1. Paint and Body
    I was in a minor collision that took out the driver side front. Most of the damage is cosmetic, so I am doing the repair. Any suggestions for a good site to find parts diagrams? eBay is the only place I could easily find parts. ECS tuning has parts but is expensive. Without a parts diagram I...
  2. Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Hey, does anybody know where I can find an OEM front license plate holder for a 2004 Turbo S? A part number would be great help too. PS. I just bought this car, but I am finding it next to impossible to find part numbers for the parts I need. Any ideas? Thanks, :cool:
  3. 1.9 Liter TDI
    I went to get a replacement battery hold-down for my 2000 Beetle TDI, because mine was missing. The dealer says the original part number 1J0803219 crossed to 6X0959502A, which looks like some dual purpose bracket for holding other things, with a big arm and forks sticking out of it. I have...
1-3 of 3 Results