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  1. 2014 Beetle convertible top stopped working

    Beetle Convertible
    Hi, Hope someone can help. We drove our 2014 NB with the top down and when trying to close the top it did not work. We followed the instructions to do the emergency release and closed the top manually. Now the top is no longer working and the dashboard sais see your dealer. Any idea on how I...
  2. Custom New 1998-2010 beetle door panels hardtop

    New Beetle Parts and Accessories
    New custom volkswagen beetle door panels that fit 1998-2010 hard top better than factory made in gray, tan and black. Fixed the factory problems with these door panels. Made from thick fiberglass So the armrest won't break off. Door panel pull handle made from this aluminum bar that is bent...
  3. CEL Never Comes On

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    You'd think I'd be happy my CEL never comes on, but I'd sure like for it to when there's a problem! It's a 2000 1.9 TDI, but the problem is not car specific. I bought the car 4 years ago on Ebay, and I've been simply restoring it to its former glory ever since. I have VCDS, and I've had/still...
  4. 1999 2L Beetle Not Shifting

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Hello all! Does anyone know anything about the shifting mechanism on a manual transmission 1999 Beetle? I sure don't and am looking for some help. A day or so ago I was on my way back from a friend's house, cruising along, when my shifter decided that it was not going to go into fifth gear...
  5. Did I break my heater switch?

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Was asked to change a burn out heater switch light bulb on my mother's '04 NB Cabrio. Now I've owned 2x MK4's already (Golf/Jetta) and both have had the mini bulb behind the similar looking heater switch burn out. The procedure was put it in the off position and pull out and work from there...
  6. Interest in New Cupholders for 98-01 Beetles

    Styling Modifications
    Originally I made a 3-D printed set in pink for my wife. Given the nature of the originals to break, it seemed like there might be some people looking for a set of cheaper cup holders to fit in the original location. Despite the lack of the smooth appearance, it ended up looking tons better...
  7. Armrest lid solution - A permanent fix

    Styling Modifications
    Hello, I'm new to this forum, but I'm a long standing member on the Last year I decided I was going to try and fix some of the most common problems that VW cars have. A few weeks ago one of my projects was completed, unbreakable armrest lid hinges. These hinges not only...
  8. Broken Tail Light: How do I replace it for less $$$? :(

    Paint and Body
    I had an unfortunate run in (literally) with a pole and my Lola is now missing a tail light. :( I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't heartbroken. Does anyone know where I can find a cheap replacement tail light? I don't mind purchasing a pair can replacing the left one, too. I've tried eBay but...
  9. WTB Beetle with blown engine or severe engine problems

    Vehicle Classifieds
    Hey, I'm in need of a Beetle with a blown engine or severe engine troubles. The body and interior needs to be in good condition. I'm in the northern new jersey area so preferably nothing too far from there. I hope someone out there has one that is looking to sell theirs. Thanks :3
  10. Stupid window regulator!!!!!!

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Broke again. I have been driving around for a month, with cardboard wedged into the gap to stop it sliding down into the door frame. Luckily I only live 3.2 miles form work and max. speed on A1A is 45, so only minor annoyance (whistling noise at 45 mph). Took door panel off today and sure...