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  1. Bolt Patterns, Offsets and Wheels

    Wheels and Tires
    So got a question for you guys. My beetle has a 5x100 bolt pattern with a 42mm offset and a 16x6.5 wheel. How hard would it be to get a 17x7.5, 51mm offset, 5x112 bolt pattern on it? I'm not sure how all that works.
  2. Mod a 2012 Beetle via Bug Modder

    Miscellaneous Hoo-Ha
    Mods I hope i'm posting in the right section. If needed please move accordingly with my apologies. Hey gang, I just discovered a fun little place where you can play around with the 2012 beetle, as well as other VW models. Being that VW currently changed their site to the 2012 launch...