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  1. What year is this??

    New Member Forum
    Hey all, i am looking at getting a fixer-upper. It was my great-grandpas but he has since passed and it’s been sitting under a tree for the longest time. We are waiting for a duplicate title, and I can’t seem to find or get to the VIN number. I’m new to VWs so I can’t tell what year this is...
  2. 1999 Bug stalling and rough idle, HELP!!!!

    2.0 Liter Gas
    I have had my bug for about a year now and I just started having a problem with stalling and idling. About 2 weeks ago I started having a rough idle and it would stall while going around turns or at low speeds. I though it was the maf going bad. While driving on the highway it started to loose...
  3. A new fan and a bucket list car

    The New Beetle Experience
    Surprising little package, I recently picked up my 2001 vw beetle, 5 speed manual 2.0 with 224,235 miles ( yea, I paid for a car that's lasted twice as long as my previous vehicles), it was a spur of the moment strike of luck ( good or bad I'm not sure yet) my 03 honda accord coupe committed...
  4. Looking For VW Beetle ECU chips

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    I am new to the idea of this chipping my car. I have heard that you can get a chip that will increase your horsepower by quite a bit. I have been searching for a little bit and i have stumbled across this: VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE GF Performance Chip Is this something I should consider? like I said I...
  5. peoples will probably hate me for this (at least Sweden will do)

    Styling Modifications
    hey y'all! i've had this strong wish for a long time and i'd like for you all to tell me if this really can be done. (i know Sweden really hates me because of this idea but... here i go) i have a 2.0L New Beetle, i loved it at first, but as i went on driving with it, i grew completely tired of...
  6. 2002 1.8L Turbo

    1.8 Liter Turbo
  7. GLX, or GLS, 1.8, or 2.0?

    New Member Forum
    I can't figure out if my VW bug is a GLX or a GLS. It's a 2002 turbo, automatic. What are ways to tell?
  8. '01 VW BUG Radio Problem

    Car Audio
    I have a '01 VW Bug the radio problems. Here's what happened. I went to jump it off close to 2 years ago and the jumper cables and battery sparked and the jumper cables were smoking. Needless to say the radio hasn't worked since. It had no power at all. Here's what I have done: -Replaced the...
  9. My New Bug Mobile! VWBeetle2013

    Photos: New Beetles
    This is my first car and I just love everything about it! And I'm excited because it is finally getting warmer! Now I can put the top down. Yay! :):):)
  10. Just Bought a 99' 2.0 Manual. have some mechanical Q's

    2.0 Liter Gas
    Hi all just bought my first bug from an auto wrecking yard lol i know sounds awseome already right? Well the thing is the only broken parts on the car is the oil pan, and the bell housing. I've been looking everywhere for this part but i think VW has a different name for part. I'm curious as...
  11. Long Time Reader, First Time Poster

    New Member Forum
    I have been coming to this site off and on for the past few years while on an exhaustive search for information about what Beetle to buy, air-cooled or New. I wound up with a New Beetle, an 02 in silver. 2.0L 16v engine and 5 speed. The picture below is a new paint job idea I did in Photoshop...
  12. FS: 2003 New Beetle Turbo S - $9,750 OBO

    Vehicle Classifieds
    2003 New Beetle Turbo S- Platinum Gray- 58K- 6 Speed Manual Transmission Interior Gray and Black two tone leather seats with Black Suede Headliner Maintained on synthetic fluids with oil changes every 3k. Upgrades Exterior: Custom Spoiler (one of a kind) Bernt Hood Cowl (wiper cover)...