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  1. 2003 GAS California emission issues

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    2003 GAS 160k miles. Check engine light: 16804 18613 I would really like to sell it and move on. However, not possible now that I'm in California. Currently registered out of state and need it smog'd to register and/or sell. I've attached a smog report that sort of makes sense. Can anyone...
  2. Temecula?Murrietta, CA Bi-monthly meet

    USA: West
    Bi-Monthly Meet Night Walker Euro Temecula/Murrieta Meet First and Third Sat of every month Location: Pizza Fusion, parking lot between PepBoys and Pizza Fusion Google Maps Time: 8PM-? :):crunk::jumpy: original post: - Temecula/Murrieta Gathering?
  3. longtime lurker; just lost my beetle :( looking for a new one!

    New Member Forum
    Hi, I've been reading these forums for as long as I can remember for advice on this weirdo little car of mine. My 2000 Beetle was my first car, and I got it almost 10 years ago. I haven't ever posted here, I don't really know why. I remember finding the forums back in 2004ish, when I was having...
  4. The Sandra Cantu Investigation

    Miscellaneous Hoo-Ha
    I live about 45 minutes from Tracy, I decided to drive down there and see all the activity going on. Since I'm into the media... I thought I share some pictures. Here's the story if your not aware of it ABC News- Police say they are closing in on a suspect in the...