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  1. New here! Having gear adjustment issues on 99 5spd!!

    New Member Forum
    Hi everyone, my name's Lee and I'm a VW noob :D I've worked on older import cars but nothing with a hydraulic clutch and now I think I have a big problem on my hands. I'm working on my gf's 99 NB 5sp I can't seem to readjust the gear selector cable. The carrier for the gear selector cable...
  2. Something snapped in window panel, window stuck down

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    my window one day stopped working when my son leaned on it. it fell down into the door later that day. I have the outer panel off. the window was all the way down, but I was able to get pliers and pull it up about four inches. it will not pull up farther than that though even when I pull...