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  1. WTB: Saratoga CD Changer Cover for New Beetle

    New Beetle Parts and Accessories
    I am looking to get a CD changer cover from Saratoga, I lost mine in my unfortunate crash of my beloved 1999 NB GLS just about a month ago, as I forgot to remove it before the insurance company bought my old ride out in the collision settlement, and now that I acquired a 2002 NB GLS juat a few...
  2. New owner, 2004 Black Beetle TDI

    New Member Forum
    Hi all, Bought a 2004 VW Beetle TDI a couple of days ago thought i'd join the forum to see if I can get some advice on a few things. I need a piece of trim from next to the 6 disc CD changer i'm told is a coin holder I have attached a photo of the part I need circled in red wonder if anyone...
  3. FS: Many new beetle parts

    Marketplace Archives
    Sold the car a while back and have these left over parts taking up space in my garage. Ideally, I would like to sell these locally (Seattle) to avoid the hassle of shipping but would be willing to ship most items as long as buyer pays for shipping. All parts are in good working order and have...
  4. WANTED!!! - console cd changer, fog lights, vase, and tan cup holders.

    Marketplace Archives
    Hello I am looking for a console cd changer im assuming because its a convertable 04. Tan cup holders front and back, flower vase, and both front fog lights. please pm or leave a post with pics thanks in advance.
  5. The COMPLETE GUIDE to Factory Audio Systems!

    Car Audio
    The COMPLETE GUIDE to Factory Audio Systems! This is going to be an ongoing work in progress. Please bear with me and be patient, your help is requested… continue reading! There is so much chatter around the Org regarding Factory Audio Systems, so much based on supposition, assumption...
  6. 6cd Changer - Existing Wiring - The Definative Answer!

    Car Audio
    Does my NB or NBC have factory wiring for a OEM 6cd Changer? - YES! Confirmed through a Bentley, courtesy of a newer member, the harness is in ALL NBs and NBCs, and with ALL head units. Vehicle production thru 7/2002 - In the trunk, with mounting holes under the mat in the trunk. See...
  7. WTB or WTT - 6cd Changer Console Coin Holder Cubby!

    Marketplace Archives
    Hey everybody, I have bought a console mount 6cd Changer and I need the small black felt "cubby" that installs below it to fill the space. I also saw someone call it a "change holder" in a thread somewhere. I am willing to buy it from you, or if your are deleting it and your 6cd Changer for...