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center console

  1. Can a Center Console from an 03 beetle be installed in a 98 beetle?

    Technical Modifications
    I'd like to install a center console from a 03 beetle into my '98 beetle. I currently have an '03 & a '98of my own, & found a center console for an '03 on ebay. I like the swinging cup holders on the '03. Will the '03 console be a direct fit onto the '98? Has anyone ever done it? I welcome...
  2. Wanting to switch out my center console with a newer model

    Styling Modifications
    So i have a 2004 beetle and i want to change my center console out for a new model bc i hate the cup holders. I went to the dealership to ask about it but they never had anyone come to them to ask about it so they dont know. Does anyone know where i can get a new center console and where i...