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  1. New Beetle Detailing/Cleaning
    Greetings I found a 2002 color concept (orange) in a junk yard and needing to know how to clean the blackish mold off the seats or avoid buying them ($30/Set)? Are they salvageable? I already got the floor mats, parking brake, arm rest and passenger bar out of it. Floor mats, parking brake...
  2. New Beetle Detailing/Cleaning
    so i've noticed lately that when im driving in the evening or just when the weather is cold outside, that my windows just fog up like crazy! does anyone else have this problem? and when i try to defrost em they take insanely forever even when its on full blast! any suggestions?
  3. Technical Modifications
    This is going to blow your socks off if you are dreading replacing your MAF or Mass Air Flow Sensor. That range from $100 - $400 depending on model. Little background just did a Timing belt replacement, Intake cleaning, and EGR Delete on my 98 TDI, Used VAG-COM to record before and after...
1-3 of 3 Results