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  1. Photos: New Beetles
    hello! :) does anyone have any decent pictures of the standard cream cloth interior please? dash, seats, seatbelts etc etc... hopefully having a beetle for my 21st in a few months and just wondering what the cloth looks like as ive only seen cream in the leather... thanks! charlotte
  2. Styling Modifications
    This thread is for Discussion on the How-to titled: How to: Upholster A Plastic Bug Dash Cover <---click on title to go to link. Great job Matt, thanks for sharing the method.
  3. Styling How-To's
    How to Upholster a Plastic Bug Dash Cover:) Materials Needed: Scissors Tape Measure Permatex Headliner Adhesive ($12) Crimps Hair Dryer Fabric ($3-$15) Silicone sealer ($3) Total Project Time: 1-2 hours Total Cost: $20- $30 :)Steps 1. First you need to purchase a plastic Bug Dash cover...
1-3 of 3 Results