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  1. photos of standard cream cloth interior ?

    Photos: New Beetles
    hello! :) does anyone have any decent pictures of the standard cream cloth interior please? dash, seats, seatbelts etc etc... hopefully having a beetle for my 21st in a few months and just wondering what the cloth looks like as ive only seen cream in the leather... thanks! charlotte
  2. How To: Upholster A Plastic Bug Dash Cover - Discussion Thread

    Styling Modifications
    This thread is for Discussion on the How-to titled: How to: Upholster A Plastic Bug Dash Cover <---click on title to go to link. Great job Matt, thanks for sharing the method.
  3. How to: Upholster A Plastic Bug Dash Cover

    Styling How-To's
    How to Upholster a Plastic Bug Dash Cover:) Materials Needed: Scissors Tape Measure Permatex Headliner Adhesive ($12) Crimps Hair Dryer Fabric ($3-$15) Silicone sealer ($3) Total Project Time: 1-2 hours Total Cost: $20- $30 :)Steps 1. First you need to purchase a plastic Bug Dash cover...