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  1. Styling Modifications
    Dashboard DIY painting like "Techno Blue" color. Hello! I'm new in this forum :) I purchased my first NB (year 2000) some days ago, the interiors are awful, no, are terrible! But the machine was in pretty good condition so I bought it for a very good price (2,000 usd aprox) here in mexico...
  2. Photos: New Beetles
    This is Carmella(: Ever since kindergarten i've wanted a beetle because my teacher drove a red one and i thought she was the bext thing in the world so now at 18 i finally was able to purchase one. Ignore me here but this is a favorite of mine. I just washed it and yeah those are eyelashes but...
  3. Paint and Body
    Hi, Does anyone know the name of this paint color? It's a 2001 GLS 1.8L manual with leather. Thanks!
  4. Paint and Body
    which is nicer campanella white or candy white? I wish I could see 2 beetles with the 2 colors side by side... LOL :nblove: :flipper:
  5. The New Beetle Experience
    My friends all play the most intence game of punch buggy you will ever see. Im banned from the game because I spot them before everyone else and I know all the actual color names so they gave me bettle owners imunity, lol. Im acatully so good at spoting them that they are now even learning the...
1-5 of 7 Results