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  1. P0420 Code! Cat Converter? Or o2Sensor? Help!!!!

    2.0 Liter Gas
    So I just recently had the front o2 sensor replaced and I will get more into that as I feel it may have an affect on this. So the Bung for the front o2 sensor blew off the manifold, like completely. The o2 sensor was just left hanging. Well I just recently took the car to the shop and paid...
  2. '01 NB torque converter issue- getting worse!!

    Transmission Talk
    OKay.... My wife's '01 New Beetle (Reve) is giving us parents some problems. Now that I've got the old AWV 1.8T engine running pretty decently, she decides to give us a new attitude from the FDC trans this time. I was doing some highway driving early one morning last week, and I noticed the...
  3. Beetle owner in VA :D I love my beetle! I have a couple issues though..

    New Member Forum
    I've been a beetle owner since July 06, and I love my 99beetle!! They drive wonderful and are so cute. My beetle is bright yellow (Not sure of the proper color name) I named my beetle "Lil mama" :P The first song I ever listened to in my car was about a cute car, and was by lil mama. So the name...
  4. Bug making noise like an electric saw

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    It sounds like a medium electric saw noise when you cut wood, only when I am coasting or right after I take off the clutch or the gas pedal. My bug has been in the shop multiple times, it has a new belt and new tune up, brakes are fine and they even tried replacing the spark plugs . The only...