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  1. Convertible top window unhinging?

    New Beetle Convertible
    I recently purchased a 2010 new beetle convertible and i discovered that the bottom corner of my back window is kinda disconnecting from the soft top. Is there any fix to this?
  2. convertible indicator light remains lit and solid...not blinking

    New Beetle Convertible
    HELP! My 2006 VW beetle convertible top won't go down. Winter has just started to leave the good state of Georgia and I wanted to put my top back to have the wind blow through my natural curls, lol. No bueno. I pressed the button and nothing happened. No sounds from the top, no sound from the...
  3. Driver Window, Convertible Problem!

    New Beetle Convertible
    My daughter was given a 2004 VW Beetle Convertible from my sister. I am very thankful but I think she also gave me her problems she was having with it. She told me she had been having problems with the window and the top. I took everything apart and made sure all the wires were plugged in. I...
  4. Need help shutting up top-not-secure warning buzzer

    New Beetle Convertible
    I gave up on finding why my top won't work, and followed the disconnect process in the manual. I don't mind manually working the top, but ... it is really heavy. Am I fighting the hydraulics (and if so, what do I do), or is the top just that heavy? Also, how do I shut off the buzzer (it goes...
  5. Triple White Top Repair

    New Beetle Convertible
    Hi all! I have just bought a snowbird-owned 2007 Triple White convertible which I have been looking for forever! There are a few issues just from the car being covered with a tarp in the Florida sun and heat, one of which is the convertible top. Since the car wasn't in direct sunlight, the...
  6. 2005 Convertible beetle gls pink all inside

    Vehicle Classifieds
    Car has 62,300 miles ... Got the car custom done recently and new tires last week....I just got a new fuel filter , spark plugs, breaks, oil change, front alignment & front axle... comes with pink floor meats and everything in the car seat covers are wet okles and 500 all together for just...
  7. 04 NBC Top issues, please help.

    New Beetle Convertible
    I am having a problem with what seems to be a travel/limit sensor for the convertible top. When the top is put up and down it does not seem to recognize it being at it's full end position. I say this because when it does reach those positions the top motor will still continue to run and the...
  8. Inside of top pops out of rear window frame!

    New Beetle Convertible
    I bought my MIL's cherry 2005 VW Beetle back in May. For the second time, the inside of the convertible top has come out of the rubber frame around the rear window, which means now I can't put the top down in beautiful sunny AZ. What a crime! What's even more of a crime is that the last time...
  9. Replace Top?

    New Beetle Convertible
    Ok so we've got a 2003 NBC.. and the back glass has come unglued from the fabric top. My question is how big of a pain the butt is it to replace the top fabric? Any recommendations on where to source a new top?