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  1. Passenger side cv axle

    Transmission Talk
    2005 2.0 Every post about a passenger CV axle ends up being about the driver side. I'm having problems with the passenger side I have gotten the old one out but can't get a new one in. It has the clip and the clip is not damaged but I cannot get the axle all the way in. I have spent hours trying...
  2. CV Axle creating vibration and noise?

    2.0 Liter Gas
    Hey All! I am new to the group but own a 03 2.0L beetle. I replaced the CV axles and suspension about a month ago. Once I replaced them, I noticed my beetle had a vibration accompanied by a loud "hole in the muffler" type sound whenever I hit 3800-3900 RPM in any gear. I re-checked the work...
  3. Hair brained CV Axle rebuild

    2.0 Liter Gas
    Hello everyone, I am new here. I have found this site immensely useful in my quest to repair a 2005 2.0 GLS New Beetle. Thanks to the experience and knowledge here I was able to replace all the Shocks and Struts around the car (using the spring compressor to remove the passenger side strut was...
  4. Replaced CV Axles, High Frequency Vibration(hum) at 75

    2.0 Liter Gas
    I replaced my cv joint axles the other day, and then drove it 90 miles round trip to school. Drives like a dream until 75mph, then there's a new vibration, like a loud hum, almost like loud bass. It it's worst with acceleration, and it responds to it. Say, I'm just getting up to 75, it will...