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  1. Photos: New Beetles
    "Emily" 2 Litre Petrol, 5 Speed Manual Transmission. I am the 4th Owner, originally she was owned by a gentleman in Berkshire, England.
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    2003 Cyber Green Color Cocept $8,500 MY wife's sister just passed and we have to sell this beetle. Apparently this color concept with a 5 speed is a rare bug (only 2000 made and even fewer with the 5 speed according to Shannon). With only 44,382 miles, non-smoker,It hasn't been cleaned it up...
  3. New Member Forum
    Hi, I really like VW Beetles, thats why I have a 1973 Super Beetle and a 2002 New beetle. The 73 bug is a project, it only has a primer as of now. I will add more mods to my new beetle in the future.:) Mods on the new beetle: Audi Fat fives 17" rims 3000k yellow hid low beam, 5000k hid foglights...
  4. Marketplace Archives
    my daughter basically DESTROYED the trim on the rear left panel of my 2004 cyber green beetle convertible. it's the green trim just below the window in the back seat. I am willing to buy ANY color and get it painted. I am SOOOOOO sad.: ( - she's only 4 and took the metal stem of a fake flower...
  5. Photos: New Beetles
    2000 GLX, Cyber Green, Cream Interior, 5sp. Interior Mods: - TT pedals - Turbo S Dead Pedal - Brushed Aluminum Dash Kit - TVA Aluminum Flower Vase - Momo Combat EVO Shift Knob - OverHeadCam's Mom's Shift Boot - Custom Dyed Leather Seats Exterior Mods: - 17x7.5 Mille Miglia Cup 3S...
1-5 of 6 Results