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  1. New Beetle 2006-2011 White Decal Sticker

    New Beetle Parts and Accessories
    New Beetle Stickers (Various designs) It is a great vehicle decal or a bumper stickers. Great for outdoors! Buy It Buy It Buy It If you want this sticker without use ebay, send me your email and I will send a Paypal Invoice.
  2. Stache Decal

    Styling Modifications
    I just ordered a mustache decal for my Jiminy to distinguish that it's a he. I couldn't be more excited that I finally found the perfect decal! Here's a stock photo from Etsy where I ordered...
  3. Please help me with my VW BEETLE :)

    New Member Forum
    okay, so i am planning to get my windows tinted on my 02 vw beetle, it is platnium grey, BEAUTIFUL :) but im having trouble picking out where i want to put my name on my car (decals) if you have any decals on your car, will you please pleas post a picture of it, espically if your name is on...
  4. Decal placement

    Styling Modifications
    I ordered 2 Streetglow decals for my '08 Beetle and i'm trying to decide where to place them.Either on the side windows or down on the runner under the doors.What do you think?