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door panel arm rests

  1. Custom Door Panel Inserts

    Styling Modifications
    Here's what I did to replace my door panel insert coverings. I built-up the armrests higher with stiff foam (so it would actually support my elbow as I drive), and gave it a flat-top surface so my elbow wouldn't fall off. I was going to get embroidered "VW" logo, or insert 'VW" out of different...
  2. FS: 98-05 Hardtop Headliners 1 Gray/1 Black

    Vehicle Classifieds
    This posting is for a professionally re-upholstered headliner (non-sunroof/HARDTOP) The item is available for pick up or it can be shipped for an additional cost via USPS. $250.00 Each 1-Light Gray Color 1-Black Color I also have professionally re-upholstered Door Panel Arm Rests Only...