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  1. Custom Door Panel Inserts

    Styling Modifications
    Here's what I did to replace my door panel insert coverings. I built-up the armrests higher with stiff foam (so it would actually support my elbow as I drive), and gave it a flat-top surface so my elbow wouldn't fall off. I was going to get embroidered "VW" logo, or insert 'VW" out of different...
  2. Driver side door panel loose

    New Beetle Convertible
    Closing the driver side door on my '06 NBC last week it came loose all along the bottom. Just wondering if this is something that I can tackle to fix or is it going to mean another expensive trip to the dealer?
  3. WANTED: 2002 Beetle Interior Door Trim Panels

    Vehicle Classifieds
    I am looking for used, but good/fair condition interior door trim panels (driver's and passenger's side) with grey leatherette and setup for power windows.
  4. Parts needed for 2000 New Beetle

    Marketplace Archives
    On the hunt for the following parts that would be compatible with my 2000 New Beetle: -Driver's side door panel with door pull -Hood emblem -Center console armrest latch lid -Fog lights -Two hub cap center emblems In Missouri. PM me if you have any of these available. Thanks in advance!
  5. Found this in the Door Panel

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    When I recently did my door speakers, I found a plastic bracket, I see where it goes looking at this general diagram, it is part #2 in the image. I see it supposed to hold something in place, but the door locks and other mechs work fine, should I breakdown the door and put back in place?
  6. 2001 TDI Beige Interior Parts Needed

    Marketplace Archives
    Have a 2001 TDI with a torn top section driver's leather seat and a leather liner that's peeling off the driver's side door panel (brown gooey mess). I could replace the door panel with a vinyl panel as opposed to leather and would purchase the entire driver's seat. I'm still getting 46-48 MPG...