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  1. 2001 NB - Dead drivers side controls (window, mirrors and CL)

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Hi, just bought my first car, but the drivers side controls for the mirrors, electric windows, and door lock doesn't work. Unlocking the car with the fob does the passenger side only, and trying to open the windows with the key in the door does not work. The boot (trunk) release and the fuel...
  2. FS_2006 - 2009 LH OEM Headlight Assembly

    Marketplace Archives
    I purchased this headlight thinking that it would fit my 98 bug. Surprise 06-09 headlights are different. Anyway I have this almost new in excellent condition LH (drivers side) headlight for sale. I paid $100 for it and would like to recoup my cost, but I'm open to reasonable offers. More pics...