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  1. 1.8 Liter Turbo
    I have a 2015 Beetle "Classic" I originally bought a bluetooth OBD2 tool to reset an airbag light and it has come in very handy. I am showing a "small leak" error and I have replaced the gas cap. I understand the second most likely culprit is the purge solenoid. When I use the Live Monitor...
  2. Questions, Issues or Problems with 2012+ Beetle
    Hi Everyone, I've read a few threads on this topic, but nothing conclusive. Hope you can help. I have a 2015 1.6l convertible, in the UK. It is almost impossible to fill the car with diesel as the pump clicks off automatically immediately. It is possible to dribble fuel in very slowly but even...
  3. 2.0 Liter Gas
    a) In the first pic showing the EVAP canister mounted to the fenderwell, there is a 2 inch crack by the lower mounting area that seems to have compromised the canister interior - as white fiber-like (charcoal?) material is exposed. Can this be a cause of a P0441 (large EVAP leak) code? I have...
1-3 of 4 Results