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first beetle

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    Hey, everyone: Yesterday, I bought my first car, a 2009 NB 2.5 S Auto in sunshine yellow. I don't have a name for it yet but thought I would share.
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    Hello, everybody! I'm new to these forums, and I'm also new to New Beetles... and cars in general (I've never owned a car before, though I have driven plenty.) Consequently, I'd like to know of any tips/suggestions for my search for a New Beetle; I want to be sure to buy a good one that will...
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    Excitement abounding ..... ecstasy on acquiring what has essentially been my dream car forever, and nervousness at all the comments about maintenance and breakdowns and repairs. I'm praying that I don't regret this decision. Right now, I"m in heaven, thinking about picking it up on Monday. Will...
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    Hello! My name's Greg and my girlfriend just got a 99 beetle from her brother in law. it's in pretty rough shape as it was salvaged and rebuilt but it's only temp for her to drive to school and then get a new car in 3 years. However I'm having trouble with the car so I'm hoping to get some...