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fog lights

  1. Giving my Beetle a New Chance at Life

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Hey everyone, first off I'm pretty new to this forum. I own a yellow 2000 1.8T that I purchased back in 2017 for 500 bucks. Of course, I've put a lot more money into it since then for repairs/upgrades, but recently things have just been falling apart so quickly (a/c went out, headliner is...
  2. Euroswitch, Parking lights and Rear Fog lights

    Technical Modifications
    Hi there. First time writing but I´ve been Reading a lot. I own a 2007 convertible. I want to add the functionality of a rear left fog light and a separate function for the parking (city) lights. I´ve read a lot of threads in this fórum and I´ve tried to gather all the info but still confused...
  3. Parts needed for 2000 New Beetle

    Marketplace Archives
    On the hunt for the following parts that would be compatible with my 2000 New Beetle: -Driver's side door panel with door pull -Hood emblem -Center console armrest latch lid -Fog lights -Two hub cap center emblems In Missouri. PM me if you have any of these available. Thanks in advance!
  4. Use Fog Lights As DRL

    Styling Modifications
    I tried searching for this on previous threads & I'm sorry but I just can't find anything, so if this has already been discussed hurl a link my way :goodjob: I have a 2000 Beetle so it was super easy to disable my DRL, but now I want to use my fog lights as my DRL's I know this might sound...
  5. DDM HID Kit Installed 6000k Low Beams 3000K Fog Lights

    Styling Modifications
    Finally got my drop in HIDs installed in my beetle. 6000K in the low beams 3000K in the fog lights Installation and modification of the stock assembly was very easy. I used a few tutorials on here for removing the fog light assemblies without having to remove the whole front clip, just the...
  6. No dash lights or fog lights

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Last week, I heard relay clicking and the dash lights went on and off, then back on and stayed on. Now the dash lights don't turn on and neither do the fog lights. I've checked all the associated fuses plus more to make sure. I took out the relays (1 & 4), took off their covers and they all...