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  1. Another fuel door question

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    My 16 yr old daughter recently purchased a 2004 Beetle Convertible which she save up for for 2 years. The fuel door wont open.. We do the pry the credit card trick. When the door is open the switch works and the tab releases. However, it seems the spring is broken. So I went to the dealer...
  2. Won't Start...again.

    The New Beetle Experience
    My Beetle decided not to start. I've eliminated any ignition (coil) or fuel pump problems. I found that the F10 fuse in the panel is blown. When I replaced it I did get the motor to fire up for a second, then it died. The fuse was blown again. Apparently, this is the main power to the ECM...
  3. Wanted: Gas Door for 05 NB Conv, (square type)

    Marketplace Archives
    As the title suggests. Looking for a replacement Gas/Fuel Door Cover, the square style door. The one on my GF's New Beetle has been cracked in half due to the sticking issue these cars are notorious for. I was hoping to find one of the stainless steel ones you stick on to the OEM part and...
  4. 2006 TDI: 36 to 30 MPG. Why?

    1.9 Liter TDI
    Car: 2006 Beetle TDI, 105000 miles, auto transmission. When we bought the car, we got 36-38 MPG around town (normal driving). For the last three tanks, we got 30 MPG. While we had teh timing belt replaced at 100,000 miles, the MPG was the same after that. What to do and check? Thanks.
  5. new to the forums

    New Member Forum
    Hello there i am new to the forums. I have a 99 vw beetle 2.0 with a manual transmission. Lately when i put gas into the car it seems to fight me to start; hesitating, chuging,etc. This only occurs when you open up the gas tank and push the metal flap down. Im guessing that flap may he...