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  1. Gauge cluster/Dash Light/Display fuse failure. Recurring issue

    2.0T Turbo
    I have a 2012 2.0 Turbo Beetle. One morning I turn the key to accessory, and my gauge cluster is dead. Car will turn over, and Idle for 2-3 seconds before shutting off on its own. I took it to the dealership, and they find C3 (5Amp) Dash cluster fuse is blown and replace it. I drive it home, and...
  2. 2010 Beetle relay info needed

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    windows stopped working, alarm not working, power locks not working, and keyless entry not working. I read that is could be a relay. I need help identifying which relay it runs these ? see pic
  3. 2010 VW Beetle Relays - need info

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    2010 VW Beetle - both power windows, keyless entry and alarm system is not working. read online to check for a bad relay. I have check all fuses. all are good. I need help locating the relay that drives these items? Can someone advise me which relay I should replace ? see pic
  4. My 2006 VW Beetle not shifting or registering speed?

    Transmission Talk
    Hey, so I am a 22 year old girl. I stupidly left my keys in my car after a night of drinking with friends (no I didn't drive home but I needed to grab something out of it.) And the next morning my car was gone. Anyways I got it back today and all the lights on my dash are lit up and I can feel...
  5. New Owner with headaches... lol

    New Member Forum
    Good Morning and Thanks for accepting me to this site! I bought a 2000 VW New Beetle 2 months ago and I noticed that the dash boards lights aren't coming on. It was a no big deal since I drive during the day and not at night, but now I'm in need of the dash lights and I can't figure out whats...
  6. 2003 beetle TDI electrical question

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Car suddenly has this problem : headlights will not come on with switch. Highbeams will work if I pull back on highbeam lever,(on steering column) and hold it back. At the same time, the heated seats, fan blower and blinkers stopped working, although the emergency flasher DO operate the...
  7. All 3 power outlets dead

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Hello folks, I know it's Xmas but I'm hoping someone can help me out. One of my presents was a car charger for my phone (I desperately needed it!). I went to go test it out and it didn't work, tried it in my moms car and it worked. So we tested some other things in my outlets and nothing. We...
  8. Fuse Problems??

    2.5 Liter Gas
    My wife have a 2.5 litter 2007 VW new beetle. The cigarette lighters stopped working so my wife went out to play with the fuses... Long story short the car will not start now. I believe the fuses are all in correctly (from spending 4 hours going through each one with the book) but the car...
  9. Please, Any Ideas About This Odd Electrical Problem?

    2.0 Liter Gas
    2000 bug, 2.0 , 90,000 miles and never had a serious problem. I tried to start it and the battery was stone dead. (twice in the past 3yrs the radio has stayed on after I pulled out the key and it ran the battery down. I assumed that was what happened. No big deal.) I charged the battery...
  10. Fuses question

    New Member Forum
    Hi everyone ! I have a 1999 New beetle, and I really like the little car, except when something goes wrong with the lights ! I have a parking light and also a hi beam out, and I thought I'd start with the fuses before I did anything else. So, here is my question ! I have the card from inside...