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gauge cluster

  1. Gauge Cluster Stays Powered On

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    My niece’s 2000 beetle (1.8T automatic) has developed an odd electrical issue where the gauge cluster remains powered on at all times, even when the key is out of the ignition (oil, transmission, brake, key, ABS lights on all the time). It all started when battery died for no reason while she...
  2. Oversized oil filter with sandwich adapter

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    Hey guys, So after a month of waiting, I finally received my Bernt gauge pod in from ABD Racingwerks, I have my boost gauge and my oil pressure gauge on order with sender from 42 Draft Designs. My question is, will a large Mann oil filter still fit if I install an oil filter sandwich adapter...
  3. Change LEDs in Instrument Cluster?

    Technical Modifications
    So that blue-on-black color scheme finally got to me, and I decided I want to change the LEDs in the instrument cluster to red. I already tried clear red tape, and coloring the backside of the gauges - no dice. Has anyone done this before and can point me in the direction of the right LEDs to...