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  1. 2005 GLS 2.0L Lag then hard shift on lower gears

    Transmission Talk
    I just purchased a VW Beetle GLS 2.0L last week and it seems that the transmission may have some sticking solenoids in the valve body. There's a lag followed by a sudden kick into gear that only happens when shifting in the lower gears (1-3). It also hard shifts at times when the automatic...
  2. For Sale 2001 1.8T Vortex Blue GLS 5-speed

    Vehicle Classifieds
    I just posted my 1.8T Vortex Blue new beetle to craigslist. I'd like it to go to someone who'd appreciate it, so I'm letting this community know. Thanks for looking :) 2001 New Beetle 1.8T 5-Speed Vortex Blue 3k OBO
  3. 24v VR6 in a 1999 Beetle GLS with 2.0 and Auto

    Engine Swaps
    Now I have a couple of questions, my 1999 New Beetle GLS has almost 210,000 miles on it, it came with a 2.0 8v with automatic, fully-loaded, all-leather, push button, everything (if it had a 1.8t it would be a GLX), and I have been the proud and only owner of it whose late mom (Joanna Rae...
  4. Help

    Photos: New Beetles
    Hey everyone! So I've had my 2002 Beetle, Ariel for 9 months now and I can't figure out which model it is. GL, GLS, or GLX? Shes a turbo (I think 1.8?) has seat warmers, tan leather, automatic trans, rain sensing wipers, and sun/moon roof!
  5. GLX, or GLS, 1.8, or 2.0?

    New Member Forum
    I can't figure out if my VW bug is a GLX or a GLS. It's a 2002 turbo, automatic. What are ways to tell?
  6. 99 VW Beetle GLS 2.0 in Norwalk, CT Area

    Vehicle Classifieds
    1999 VW Beetle for Sale. Excellent condition. Transmission replaced one year ago. 144,500 miles. runs excellent 5-Speed, AC, Rear Defogger, CD Player with Remote, Power Windows, Power Steering, Power Side Mirrors, Power Door Locks, Power Seats, Silver with Black leather interior, Tinted...
  7. Newbie here! Advice on routine maintenance 2002 GLS 2.0 auto

    2.0 Liter Gas
    Hello. Im new here but have already found this site to have some great info. I purchased my daughter her first car which s a 2002 Beetle GLS 2.0 Gas model with 95K. Seems to run good and I have to admit, my wife and I are both hooked and love driving it as well. There was no records of any...
  8. Car starts then dies occasionally. HELP!

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    SO the symptom for you guys to figure out is why my gf's car starts and dies occasionally. it recently had the water pump and coolant flange replaced. I believe i read on the receipt, lost it looking for it now, that the timing belt cover had to come off and possibly the belt itself.. it idles...
  9. 2001 GLS 2.0 For Sale - Eastern Virginia

    Vehicle Classifieds
    Have a 2001 New Beetle GLS 2.0 Automatic for sale. Purchased Sept. 2011 from dealer in Fredericksburg for $4000 - 96,000 Miles. Since then have had reputable garage (Bay Auto) replace timing belt, w. pump, t. pulley, cat. converter, muffler, exhaust and I have cleaned interior, exterior, painted...
  10. VAG-COM Help Needed

    2.0 Liter Gas
    Hello all, I'm in need of the use and assistance of someone in the Pittsburgh area who has a VAG-COM. I have a 2002 NB, and have been having some trouble the last few months and haven't been able to pin down what the problem is. I would have a had time starting the car from time to time...
  11. Rocan's 2005 GLS "Muneca"

    Photos: New Beetles
    Rocan's 2005 GLS "Muñeca" I love my little bug! I named her Muñeca which is spanish for Doll because of her eyelashes. She's a 2005 GLS Sundown Orange bug. I don't plan on making huge modifications to her, only subtle ones. I started with the eyelash decals. I opted for those over the 3D...
  12. 2002 Cyber Green New Beetle GLS

    Photos: New Beetles
    I am finally posting pictures of my New Beetle. I've been a member of this site since 2006 and haven't posted any pictues. Since I've had the car I've graduated high school and now I'm a senior in college. I had the car painted last year. The paint on the green beetles have a defect and fade...
  13. 1999 2.0 For sale not running.

    Vehicle Classifieds
    Have a 1999 Volkswagen Beetle. Water pump seized causing the timing belt to strip off. This caused bent valve issues and the engine has no compression. Mileage is 76257. Title is clean and valid. 2.0 AEG Feel free to email me with any questions. [email protected] ebay listing: Volkswagen ...
  14. A couple of codes

    2.0 Liter Gas
    Hi guys. I'm new here and the forums have already helped me fix a couple of small issue on my new 2002 Cyber Green Beetle (I guess it's not really new if it's a 2002). Anyway, I bought it used from a Ford dealership of all places and it ran perfectly fine and I love it. Only a few days ago...