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  1. 1999 GTI manual AEG codes P0172&P0422

    2.0 Liter Gas
    Greetings VW Gods I have the above stated car I keep throwing codes and Im perplexed at where to go to next.... so here it goes. I am getting codes P0172 and P0422. system too rich and main catalyst below threshold both on bank 1 Praying to you. Thanks in advance
  2. 98 beetle W/blown AEG AUTOMATIC

    2.0 Liter Gas
    Greetings to all, I have an extra AEG engine and Manual trans out of a former 2000 Golf GL. Swap-ability is my main quest. Are these engines totally compatible? I hear that the manual trans is better than the auto... other than that are there any issues that I should beware of? Labor in the...
  3. New Mk. VI Golf

    Photos: Other Rides
    Hi all - coming out of retirement to show this off for a moment. We've decided to become a one-car family (no longer made sense to have two), so my wife's '04 NB and my '04 Passat have been replaced by this new 2010 Mk. VI Golf four-door. Absolutely loving it. Here's a few photos:
  4. VW brings back the Golf name in the US

    Rumors and Insights
    Translated from: Volkswagen «gravlegger» kanin-navnet - VG Nett om Bil og trafikk Since 1975, the model known in Europe as Volkswagen Golf been called both VW Rabbit and Golf in the US. But when the 6th generation of the model is launched in the US in October, the name will be Golf. If we are...