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    Wife gets a beetle, and all I got was this old Toyota I've had the car I've wanted for a long time, and the wifey finally got the New Beetle she wanted. This is my car a 1986 Toyota Corolla SR-5 (AE86), a small, practical, reliable, and awesomely fun little RWD hatchback that currently has 301k...
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    Hi everyone!! I'm in the market for a New Beetle, and I can't decide whether I want a convertible or a hatchback. I'd love to hear what your thoughts are! Thank you so much, Kate
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    Hi, My switch went dead for my 2002 hatchback. This year has no key. It does not work via the fob or the switch on the driver's door. Question; 1. Does anyone know what the problem likely is? 2. How can I fix it? Thank you, clubsmiley