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  1. Modernizing Ulrica my 2007 Convertible

    Photos: New Beetles
    I received a 8" single din Joying Android powered head unit from my wife for Xmas, starting the slow process of modernizing Ulrica. I installed the Joying model]US-JY-ULS01N2 and have since added two USB ports and a windshield mounted HD Dashcam. I am still trying to figure out the best way to...
  2. Hissing sound after new Kenwood installed.

    Car Audio
    Hi All, My daughter has a 2005 Beetle Turbo convertible and recently installed a new Kenwood deck. Everything works great but get this hissing sound when ever the unit is on. I ensured the ground was good and even re-wired all the connections again. Checked all the fuses and all looks good...
  3. The COMPLETE GUIDE to Factory Audio Systems!

    Car Audio
    The COMPLETE GUIDE to Factory Audio Systems! This is going to be an ongoing work in progress. Please bear with me and be patient, your help is requested… continue reading! There is so much chatter around the Org regarding Factory Audio Systems, so much based on supposition, assumption...
  4. Aftermarket HU

    Car Audio
    Hey everyone, 1st post! Just as a clarification i am a proud Mini Cooper S fan-boy ;) but my best friend got a 2003 bug, which i am pretty sure is the base model. She wants to get a new stereo from stock. I have installed 4 systems before (97' and 98' corolla, 05' neon, and focus) most are...