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help !

  1. help! what is this dash light??

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    been having issues, check engine light came up and auto zone said it cleared their scan (going to get it looked at somewhere else) but I don't know what the other light is! I've looked everywhere and can't seem to find it online. for reference i have a 2010 beetle.
  2. 2003 Beetle 2.0 timing belt tensioner problem

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Recently changed my timing belt but ran into a hiccup. I couldn’t torque down my tensioner pulley. It just reaches a point where i could turn the nut either way and it didn’t get tighter or looser. I presume something is threaded. I have a few questions around this. So far my timing belt hasn’t...
  3. 2001 VW Beetle shifting really hard in 1st gear HELP!!!

    Transmission Talk
    I have a 2001 4.0 automatic vw beetle, and today all of a sudden it started shifting extremely hard into the 1st hear. Now it does this when you come to a dead stop and take off. I don't know if the transmission is slipping, but today I forgot to press the break when I put it in reverse and...
  4. headlight change backfired

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    hi evereyone, My passenger headlight had stopped working so i went and bought a new bulb. I changed it and hooked everything back up. However, not only the headlight still doesn't work with the new bulb, now my bright light doesn't work anymore. Before i attempted to change my headlight, the...
  5. I have problem with my used beetle ;(

    New Member Forum
    I was going on freeway and was about to stop for a left turn then it started again. The battery light shows up for few seconds and car starts to slow down and it turns off all of a sudden. I was able to turn on the car right away but it happened to me a week ago too... I bought this car from a...
  6. Hello!/Radio Issues

    New Member Forum
    Hi everyone! I'm a long time watcher but a first time poster to this blog. Have found all your stories of tricking out your Bugs, or just loving them, supremely enjoyable. I have a beautiful little 2000 Techno Blue 2.0 litre Beetle named Simon. I've had him for nearly three years now...
  7. The 99 Beetle Project....Difficult Diagnosis

    2.0 Liter Gas
    Ok so i just bought a project car that was not running. The owner said he bought it in an estate sale and it only ran for a day. I dont believe it however. Ok so here is what ive gathered. - Door panel was off and i believe he replaced the locking mechanism , window motor and the door panel...