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  1. HID Retrofit Questions

    Technical Modifications
    I know there have been questions on this before but so many of them seem to be 1-2 years old and I know how fast technology changes nowadays so I was just wondering if there have been any updates from the older posts. I'm looking to upgrade my halogen projectors to HID projectors. I currently...
  2. HID headlamps available for 2012 Beetle?

    Technical Modifications
    Greetings all. My father just got a new 2012 Beetle. He didn't check with me before buying one straight off the lot, so I wasn't able to advise on options. His night vision isn't great and it's really important to me that he has HID headlamps for their greater contrast and throw (I went to a...
  3. Side light problem? help!!!!!

    Technical Modifications
    2002 Beetle 1.6 petrol (black) I changed the headlights and side lights on my bug to HID heads and LED sides, they look awesome! nsf sidelight isn't working anymore even with the original bulb? i've checked the fuse but heres the thing, the nsr light is on even though the front one...
  4. HID Headlight will not turn on

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Hey Everyone, I'm posting this out of desperation. Please give me some insight. Situation: *My girlfriends 05 New Beetle has HID headlights. The driver side headlight is out. Attempted fixes: *Found the fuse was blown, changed it. Light does not come on. *Bought a new bulb, ($90, WTF?)...
  5. DDM HID Kit Installed 6000k Low Beams 3000K Fog Lights

    Styling Modifications
    Finally got my drop in HIDs installed in my beetle. 6000K in the low beams 3000K in the fog lights Installation and modification of the stock assembly was very easy. I used a few tutorials on here for removing the fog light assemblies without having to remove the whole front clip, just the...
  6. 2005 tdi with HID problem

    1.9 Liter TDI
    I bought a 2005 tdi, automatic, off eBay a year ago. I have had headlamp problems: the driver-side lamp will flicker and go out after 5-10 minutes. Resetting with emergency brake works for a whle, then repeats. Any ideas? Shop sez maybe replace assemblies (=$1200!!!)
  7. NEW beetle HID projector Headlight

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    Anyone know where i can get nice projector for HID kit ? i install HID on my beetle but it doesnt look that good.
  8. FS e46 single xenon projectors.

    The Canada Corner
    hey all. i posted awhile back a thread asking a crapload of questions about hids.. which i never did in the end so i've got a set of e46 single xenon projectors for sale. preferably local only within the GTA. please email...
  9. Need HID help

    Styling Modifications
    I've decided to install HID's onto my mother's beetle as a birthday present. I am getting a 5000k kit with relays. And now, the question. The website mentioned that the HID's (all kits they claim) may take a few seconds to turn back on after the high beams are turned off. I'm getting the kit...
  10. HID kit for headlight and Foglight

    Technical Modifications
    Hi, I've got a 2000 Beetle and planning to install the HID kit for the headlight as well as the fog light. Will the regular 5000K - 6000K H1 kit(for headlight) and 3000K H3 kit(for fog light) works? I did some research and some post mentioned about DRLs and relay kit, what's that :confused: I...